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San francisco personal injury lawyer

The personal injury attorneys at Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C. are committed to serving the needs of individuals that have been harmed through the negligence or intentional conduct of others. We understand that a serious physical injury means a severe disruption in one's life. Our attorneys and staff will ensure that your involvement in the litigation process is at a level you are comfortable with. Some clients like to be informed of every minor development, while others are busy focusing on their recovery and other aspects of their life.

There is no "one size fits all" approach when it comes to litigation. Each case and each client is unique. Please call an attorney at Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C. today for a free, no obligation, consultation.

Also, for more information about our firm and practice areas, please see our main website at

Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C. has committed itself to serving personal injury clients in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Alameda, Berkeley, San Jose, Redwood City, San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C. will at times take cases throughout the State of California, depending on the nature of the case. If you wish to discuss your case with an attorney at Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C. please call (415) 835-6777 for a free consultation.